VIRUS is a 3D animated short that belongs to Capsules Program, an animation series produced by Bilibili (the top 1 ACG streaming platform in China).

Robot civilization faces a crisis never seen before. A virus is taking control of their robotic bodies, corrupting their minds in the process, spreading from machine to machine. Two of the last remaining free people, #5 and #7, set out to investigate the heart of the virus to find a way to stop it once and for all.


Inspired by the Asian Zodiac, THEXII is an animated Sci-Fi series, built in UE5, supported by NFTs, physical collectibles, and music.

Earth, 2060. When within months three mysterious and large artifacts, resembling the heads of an Ox, Monkey and Horse, are unearthed. Unbeknownst to humankind, the heads are three oftwelve objects hidden on earth and on earth’s moon. Inside of the vessels (forthat’s what they are), crew members are hibernating, lying stately in aneon-long slumber since before humanity took over the earth.


AngryFoot, the world’s first Native American superhero, stars in this graphic novel and animated series, supported by NFTs, physical collectibles, and music.

In a dark future where villains are the heroes, war is the way. But from the hopeless dystopia an ancient legend is reborn named AngryFoot… he’s pissed and he’s got a tomahawk to grind.